The essence of cycling and running is the feeling of freedom: letting your legs take you places beyond the urban environment so you can simply enjoy nature. Sometimes we want to run or bike fast, but usually we just want to go out and find some nice trails. Trail Sportswear is for those who love running in the mountains, on trails, or out in the forrest. We have especially kept trail runners and ultra runners in mind. The bicycle collection is designed for cyclists who prefer biking off-road and onto gravel or dirt trails.


When shopping from Trail you can be sure to receive high quality garments. Since we love training ourselves and use our garments on a weekly basis, we know that you will be satisfied. Very satisfied! We have carefully selected both designers and manufacturers of our products. All of our partners are professionals in their separate fields and have long experience in functional clothing and sportswear. Both designers and manufacturers have worked with the major sportswear brands. We have taken great care in finding good materials for all our clothes. Test our clothes- you will not be disappointed!


Our clothes are intended to look good, as well as being comfortable, functional and of high quality. We have let runners and cyclists test our clothes in order to ensure just that. They have tested our clothes on their regular everyday runs, but also in more challenging mountain environments. We have listened to their valuable insight and made adjustments accordingly. Therefore, we know that you will like our clothes.