A word with our Apparel Designer

We got the chance to have a short Q&A session with our Apparel Designer, Sean Pankhurst. He has a comprehensive track record in the Sportswear Apparel Industry. For the last 18 years he has been working with brands such as Nike, Canterbury, Kappa, Franklin & Marshall, and many more.

Q: What did you like most about Trail Sportswear?
A: I love cycling & running. The sense of freedom that presents itself, the fact that you can go anywhere you want & the mental benefits you get from tackling a challenging environment are unique & inspiring.

Q: What was your initial thoughts when creating the designs? 
A: I wanted to create a brand that is in tune with the environment, but also reflects the needs of the athlete from a performance & Technology perspective. Thinking about movement, ventilation, moisture wicking & anti-odour, with a super modern aesthetic.

Q: Which apparel were you most satisfied with?
A: I love the caps. I was really happy with the way these turned out because they are really unique & bold in appearance. You can wear them on the bike or relaxing with friends.

Q: Do you practice any sport yourself?
A: I love all sports & participate wherever possible, but my favourites are football, cycling & running, where I have competed in many races, including the London & Amsterdam marathons, as well as the London to Brighton cycle race.

Q: Which places in the UK would you recommend for Trail Running or Gravel Biking?
A: Beachy Head in East Sussex. A stunning coastal run along the cliffs, where the scenery is fantastic & the environment a real challenge.

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