Spring running and new trails

Spring is finally here! Now it tingles in the body and we want to go out and jump and enjoy warm spring runs. In this blog post, our trail expert Gunilla Kidmark gives good tips for a more fun spring run.

5 tips for varied spring running

Are you a little tired of your old regular rounds? Do you want to leave the roads and tracks and go out on the narrow paths?

Here are five tips for renewing and varying your running.

You have good help from a little map knowledge and a sports watch with GPS. Also keep in mind that new discovery rounds can take longer than usual, so remember to bring some water, energy and a jacket in the backpack. Pack a fully charged cell phone and tell them at home where you plan to run and when you plan to be back.

Let your friends show you the way

  1. The easiest way to get variety in your running is to let runner friends show their finest paths. Do you already know friends, friends in the running community on social media or why not join a running group? Most runners are happy to share their favorite trails.

Let the watch show the way

  1. If you can not meet friends irl or prefer to run alone, it is a good idea to download gpx files to your sports watch. The watch shows with an arrow in which direction you should run and you can safely and securely explore completely new areas. Often the watch also has the function “Find home” in case you should wander away and show you the same way back as you just ran.

Let the map show the way

  1. The map! I love looking at maps and looking for nice trails in exciting places. You can contact the local orienteering club, they will surely help you with a map and suggestions for suitable trails. You can also check out various trail running websites and their maps of the tracks, you can be sure that trail running organizers select the finest and sometimes the toughest trails and nature areas.

Use an app, or not ...

  1. Use different apps to draw new runs, there are both free and paid versions. These are common among trail runners: Trail Router, Komoot, AllTrails and Strava. You can also make or check out routes at plotaroute.com and trailforks.com.
  2. Friends, maps and aids in all glory, but if you want a real adventure, just take off and go to the nearest unknown path that you run past and check where it leads! Maybe it ends after a little bit, maybe it narrows and becomes a small animal path, but it can also lead to secluded forests, moss slopes and small waterfalls. (And if you log the route in the sports watch, most watches can show the way back IF you lose yourself …) Out and enjoy! Right NOW, trail running is the easiest and most beautiful to experience. Good luck with your adventures.

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