Our highlight in April

Next stop at Haslital with the camper

In mid-April we went to Haslital with the camper. The meadows were already in bloom and the night was cold and clear. We left just before 05.30. Two other touring skiers had already gotten out before us so we could follow in their ski tracks. The conditions were fantastic right from the start. From the moment we stepped out on the glacier, the sun was our companion and the heat was just right. The freshly covered glaciers as well as the grandeur and tranquility were breathtaking. Just before the last steep hill before the top we caught up with the two who had started before us. It was a mountain guide with a guest. The mountain guide recognized us, we had already met him in March in the Tuoi cottage when we toured Piz Buin. Awesome how small the world is in the mountains!

Top ascent before mountain guides

Another mountain guide came after us with a guest. Since Roger and I had already taken on the crampons and climbing harnesses, the tracking to the top was now up to Cristina. Cristina was a little nervous to make tracks in front of two mountain guides.

But luckily Cristina had already studied the ascent to the top on the way to the saddle and planned a route. The tracking was very cool. When we saw that the two mountain guides and their guests followed in our footsteps, it gave Cristina confidence. Once at the top we had an incredibly beautiful view. We all congratulated each other and we six enjoyed the tranquility and the view at the top of Wetterhorn 3692 m above sea level.
We managed the descent from the top without any problems and it was absolutely fantastic. Powder snow and untracked slopes. Sunshine, no wind and for once no cold fingers! Back at the camper we inaugurated our roof terrace. Being able to enjoy a cup of coffee under the impressive mountain background on our roof terrace was a perfect end to the day!

As we write this blog, we are back with our parents. We wash, repack and plan how our journey will continue. Due to Covid-19, we are currently unable to reach Germany and Scandinavia. We probably travel first to Spain and Portugal. Tourists are currently welcome there. We really hope that the situation in Europe will be calmer in the coming weeks and that we will be able to travel to Scandinavia from June.

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