Start on detours

Roger and Cristina have finally started their great adventure! 18 months in a motorhome through Europe. Here are a few lines where they tell how the journey started.

Look after the caravan

The last days before we took of were hectic and our nerves were in full swing! We had to leave Roger’s apartment, clean it, pack everything and get our camper ready for the trip. And we needed to look after our caravan that we still have in Goms, Valais. Due to the recent continuous snowfall, we would not have been able to go there earlier as there was too big avalanche risk. So before we could set off on our journey, we first had to go to the caravan and shovel away the huge masses of snow that had fallen on it.

On Saturday, January 30, just before 11 o’clock, it was finally time to leave! Roger and I would begin our 18-month adventure with our camper. The first stop was Spiez. There we parked our motorhome and took the train to Goms to our caravan. The caravan could barely be seen under the huge masses of snow. We shoveled the heavy and wet snow off the roof and awning. A strenuous but nice job!

During our first official travel day, we did a ski trip in Goms. The avalanche situation had calmed down somewhat. We also got the chance to test our new headbands and buffs from Trail Sportswear for the first time. In the forest the snow was very wet and heavy. It was a real challenge to get uphill on the skis, but what a beautiful nature! We were completely alone. We looked through the snow-covered forest and then we had the mountain landscape to ourselves. Finally time to leave our own footprints in the enchanting winter landscape. With the fog, the sun and the absolute silence, we felt like we were floating on clouds. Skiing down felt like surfing. It was so beautiful that we had to put on the risers and take a second turn to the top.

The camper malfunctions

The next day we took the train back to Spiez to continue our journey with the camper. But when we got to the camper and tried to open the back doors, the lock went awry.

We could not possibly continue our journey with malfunctioning locks. So we went directly to the camper dealer in Frutigen where we bought the bus a year and a half ago. The mechanic had to order a new lock. So we left the bus there with a heavy heart and took the train back to Goms. So for a few days we have to stay in our caravan. We will spend the days doing summit hikes and cross-country skiing. Our motorhome will be ready for departure again in four to five days. Then we hope to finally start our journey!

Now we look forward to getting away. And by the way, the headbands and buffs from Trail Sportswear do their job with excellence!

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